Sunday, March 28, 2010

[Wip English] World is mine

In the whole wide world, I am the number one princess
You should know this all by heart, Just how to please me!

Number one
You should notice that I changed my hairstyle, it's different then usually
Number two
You should notice that I am wearing brand new shoes, understand?
Number three
I expect every word I say to you is replied by those same three exact words

Do you understand? My right hand feels empty
and you should do something about it

It's nothing, it's not really selfish demanding all of these from you
I just want you to honestly from your heart to think that I'm adoreble and cute

In the whole world, I am the number one princess
Please notice that, HEY HEY!
It's forbidden to keep me waiting
I don't think you know just who I am, do you?
That's enough! I feel like having something sweet to eat!
Go get it for me now.

check one two

My flaws?

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